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Today, we're going to take a look at the rear view safety wireless backup camera system with the 7-inch quad view display, has a built-in DVR.

Now, with the quad view display, this system could connect and view simultaneously up to four cameras, and it can even record video footage from each camera individually.

LMC has a client that wants to build a replica of the iconic 68 Mustang GT as seen in the movie Bullitt.

The chase is on for a donor car and a timeline that suits LMC, and the owner.

Pete decides some driver training from some of the best in the world would help, so it's off to the Bondurant driving school in Phoenix Az.

Meanwhile, the LMC crew is giving the new Shelby some sweet upgrades.

This monitor can also record each camera individually, has a wireless distance of 70 feet. It's right at seven inches long, overall height on just the monitor is five inches tall, and depth on it is only about one inch deep.

Call 800-298-8924 to order Rear View Safety Inc backup cameras and alarms part number RVS-4CAM or order online at

Free expert support on all Rear View Safety Inc products.

This system has multiple viewing options including single screen, split screen, and quad view.

The footage will record on to an SD card, and it loops over any oldest recordings when the card gets full. It's a 7-inch quad view monitor, again, with the DVR.

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