Dating people different faiths

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‘There are more important things to consider than denomination – shared values, interests, honesty, whether you actually get on! ‘Then it doesn’t matter if they’re Baptist, Anglican, Evangelical or whatever.’ I agree, and I believe it’s worth putting in the effort.

While some differences may be impossible to negotiate, it would be a tragedy to miss out on a good marriage just because of the trappings of church styles.

Perhaps in the early stages it might work out okay.

It might be a different story later on, though, if you decide to settle down together, and especially if you decide to have kids.

‘Denomination sometimes means a lot, and sometimes doesn’t,’ one Facebook follower told me.

‘I’d struggle to be in a relationship with a woman who doesn’t share my views on core Christian doctrines.’ ‘I recently met a lovely Catholic man,’ shared another.

While it isn’t her ‘natural’ church environment, she’s happy and settled in her new community, and hasn’t looked back. It wouldn’t work for everyone, but they’re happy with the arrangement.

Did you learn to live with your differences or was the gulf too wide? Would Like To Meet by Hopeful Girl is packed with funny and moving stories from the Christian dating scene.We almost always end up agreeing.’ ‘As long as a partner’s focus is on God, I’m happy,’ added another.‘Sometimes, differences expand your horizons.’ However, this requires a genuine acceptance of who the other person is, not viewing them as someone to be ‘converted’ to your way of doing things.‘I dated a man from a charismatic church,’ recalled one woman.‘I had no issue with that, but he tried to lead me away from my own Presbyterian church, and I didn’t like that.’ So if you meet someone with relationship potential, but who comes from a very different Christian tradition to your own, how can you determine if it’s workable?

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