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"We also get them to do hot yoga because it helps with their flexibility, mobility and recovery.” RULE 5: FOUR SECONDS TO BIGGER MUSCLES Lifting increasingly heavy weights isn’t the only way to sculpt muscle.Changing the timing of your lifts can also deliver big results.“An efficient way to do this is to increase the amount of time the muscle spends under tension,” continues Dams.“If you change the tempo – that is, change the speed of either the concentric (shortening) or eccentric (lengthening) component of the lift - you can change the time under tension to help stimulate hypertrophy (muscle growth) and gain mass.” Next time you do a set of bench-presses, switch from a one-second to a four-second lowering phase to eke out extra gains in strength.Additional gains in strength come from adapting these exercises over time.

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“These multi-joint movements tend to be more efficient exercises which work in a much more functional way.The 26 year old and his teammates will travel across Europe to play Italy, Ireland and Canada.rofessionalism has done wonders for the top end of the sport but it is time to restore the fun and stress-free existence of amateurism for the vast majority of the game.We still isolate muscle groups but mainly as a way to add training volume.” RULE 3: DO BRIDGES, NOT SIT-UPS Biceps curls aren’t the only gym favourite worth reconsidering.In the Harlequins gym, isometric exercises - in which you hold one position for a set duration of time (e.g.

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