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Because of this the Tajiks, though usually warm and hospitable, are becoming more and more apprehensive towards outsiders.The Tajiks speak Dari Persian, a language that came from King Darius (mentioned in the book of Daniel).A tall, slender, fair-skinned people with blue or green eyes and often with red or blond hair, intermarriage with Turks and Mongolians introduced almond-shaped eyes and straight black hair to their physical characteristics.An old Turkish expression, "Tajik" is synonymous with "Persian".Tajik society is male dominated, but women have known less public restriction in the workplace and society (except under Taliban rule) than women in other Muslim groups.Their private lives are similar, however, leaning to the man's advantage. Afghan marriages are typically arranged and divorce may be initiated only by a husband who dissolves a union by repeating three times to his wife, "I divorce you".Hosting guests is considered an honor - an occasion for a fine meal."Osh", a special dish prepared by Tajik men, contains rice, lamb, spices and vegetables and may be served with flat bread rounds baked with a blend of several flours, fruit, yogurt and tea.

Creative expressions include handsome carpets, ceramics, richly embroidered costumes and men's brightly colored caps and jewelry.Because large Tajik families are close-knit, city-dwellers are known to maintain close ties with their relatives in the countryside.Originally a tribal group, they abandoned strict organizational structure long ago.However, cultural traditions are guarded and observed - traditions that survived centuries of invasion by forces ranging from ancient Arab hordes to recent Taliban fighters.One social tradition is that of offering extraordinary hospitality - a practice shared with other Afghan peoples.

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