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He's not the only one who's experienced challenges when it comes to finding love and farming.

22-year-old Eli Hey — a 6th generation beef farmer from West Yorkshire, UK — finds Tinder dates really difficult because farming isn't "a 9-5 job".

But online dating shouldn't be territory reserved exclusively for the benefit of city dwellers.

For now, there are a variety of different factors that make the realm of online dating particularly challenging for farmers.

Mark says famers' lifestyles are also a major obstacle when it comes to arranging dates.

Even the weather can put a last minute damper on social plans.

He says it's especially trying in the summer when there's silage and hay to be made.

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"I tell everyone we met online though so they don't think we're weird." Farmers are unique in the respect that it's more difficult to move location because of the nature of their work and they can't really travel in search of a partner.She tried out Farmers — a dating site for famers — but found no one that seemed like an appropriate fit for her."To find someone on Tinder who you don't already know up here, you have to change your match settings to a 50-mile radius, at least," says Nicole.She'd been trying to shoot a crow in the garden, to stuff," Mark says.His foray into the realm of Tinder introduced him to a woman who was terrified of cattle, and another woman he didn't want to risk upsetting because her boss was one of his biggest customers.

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