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When was the last time you contributed to a group, answered a question, or made a recommendation for someone else?Don’t underestimate the potential returns of being helpful.If you frequently make insightful comments on a group, the members are much more likely to value your opinion, check out your profile, connect with you, and eventually pursue your opportunities.If you jump the gun and go in there with nothing but ads and mailshots to offer, expect to be ignored.

Like BD said, if they've pointed something out in my profile or made reference to something I've posted on the forums then I feel like they have at least made an effort. I also will not respond to anyone who has a picture of their car in their profile...The successful candidate will have considerable prior experience in B2B marketing and should be accustomed to marketing technical products and solutions, perhaps for a technology vendor, software house or technology distributor.You will have considerable experience managing all aspects online marketing, from Search Engine Marketing and SEO to Social Media Marketing (SMM), running email campaigns / mailshots and managing all aspects of the firm's web presence.So far all I can gather is that the profile defines what makes your decision? I cant stand the 500 word essay, nor do I like to try to figure out what kind of person they are by their intrests. I get alot more from that than I ever could a profile. I usually form my first opinon from the opening message. I eventually concluded that he just mailshots every profile out there in the hopes someone will respond and this is his standard template or something. Huggles, Tasha i speak for myself when i say...sorry i'm not going to waste my time chatting with some guy when i can tell by his profile that I would not be interested...that's why you create a profile...a guy actually takes the time to read mine and points something out about it that he found interesting is when i will take the time to respond to him....

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