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The attack took place on a campsite near the remote Ten Mile Beach in northern New South Wales.

An ambulance was called hours later, but by the time it arrived Ms Daly had bled to death.

I have seen all these black magic wars when in Malaysia.

Even ambitious and corrupted politicians seek the services of these bomohs to make them popular and hide their corruptions from the public, as evidence today in the State of Sarawak!

Two Australian men have been jailed for the sexual assault of a woman who later died from her injuries.

Adrian Attwater and Paul Maris attacked Attwater's partner, Lynette Daly, during a camping trip on a New South Wales beach in 2011.

Well thank goodness you found this article first, because i’m here to tell you 10 reasons why you should NEVER visit Malaysia. Well, I’ve only spent the last 13 months living in this awful country and my wife and I have travelled all over it, going up and down desperately searching for places worthy of a photograph, or a story…We’re still living here in fact, barely scraping out a living, wallowing in the filth and not having fun at all. Perhaps the best way to show you why you should NEVER visit Malaysia is to recruit my Instagram feed, but at the end of the day you’ll need to judge for yourself. Now that you’ve seen the evidence for yourself you’ve probably realised that I’m being wildly sarcastic.

The title should probably read: 10 reasons why you absolutely HAVE TO visit Malaysia.

Following a public outcry, the men were charged again last year.

Making matters worse, I had just been struck by a horrible realisation: my brand-new Go Pro that I had purchased just for Antarctica was missing, along with two months' worth of panoramic photos of my ongoing travels through South America. To add to that, I was running late for the last bus that would take me to Ushuaia.

I had left it on a rock when I had stopped for a snack an hour ago in the middle of the hike. The bus would leave in an hour, and I had another two hours worth of trekking to do to get to the bus stop. If I fail to catch the bus, I can kiss my ship, my money plus all my hopes and dreams goodbye. However, on this momentous day, I miraculously made it to the port just in time (albeit with sore legs and bruises on my feet from all the panicked running I did).

And If there’s anything I should include in the next article on Malaysia let me know in the comments!

Malaysia, despite being a modern "Islamic" country and its stated "official" religion being Islam, is by and large steeped in acute superstitions and common folklore believe in the supernatural...strange as these may seem!

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