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National Institute of Textile Engineering and Research (NITER) has been publish B. niter textile engineering College Admission notice result 2015.

Textile Engineering Admission Test Notice Result 2015 – Niter bsc textile engineering College Admission Download.

DU Technology Unit Niter Admission Notice Download.

Textile Engineering Admission Test will be held on .

Potassium nitrate can be made by combining ammonium nitrate and potassium hydroxide.

Potassium nitrate has a wide variety of uses, largely as a source of nitrate.

It is not very hygroscopic, absorbing about 0.03% water in 80% relative humidity over 50 days.

It is insoluble in alcohol and is not poisonous; it can react explosively with reducing agents, but it is not explosive on its own.

By the 15th century, Europeans referred to it as saltpeter Potassium nitrate has an orthorhombic crystal structure at room temperature, which transforms to a trigonal system at 129 °C (264 °F).

From 1903 until the World War I era, potassium nitrate for black powder and fertilizer was produced on an industrial scale from nitric acid produced using the Birkeland–Eyde process, which used an electric arc to oxidize nitrogen from the air.

During World War I the newly industrialized Haber process (1913) was combined with the Ostwald process after 1915, allowing Germany to produce nitric acid for the war after being cut off from its supplies of mineral sodium nitrates from Chile (see nitratite).

Historically, nitric acid was produced by combining sulfuric acid with nitrates such as saltpeter.

In modern times this is reversed: nitrates are produced from nitric acid produced via the Ostwald process.

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