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Unfortunately, almost all websites in this business (even impressive looking ones) are actually tiny, fly-by-night operations run from a Post Office Box, or literally from someone's basement.

Anastasia is the industry leader with over 23,000 current women members, 65 full-time employees in the US and Russia, years of nation-wide advertising, the industry's only full-time office in Moscow, Russia and representatives in most major cities of the former USSR.

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A federal appeals court declared 40 years ago that “segregated housing in the St.

in large measure the result of deliberate racial discrimination in the housing market by the real estate industry and by agencies of the federal, state, and local governments.” Similar observations accurately describe every other large metropolitan area.

The conventional explanation adds that African Americans moved to a few places like Ferguson, not the suburbs generally, because prejudiced real estate agents steered black homebuyers away from other white suburbs.

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