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Kevin: Life Leverage: How To Get More Done In Less Time by Rob Moore. He returned to Burn the Floor for a tour in the US in 2011 and the sparks flew.

‘We got to know each other as friends first,’ says Kevin.

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‘We got to a stage where we were at the top of our game but we hadn’t won a world championship,’ he says. SECRET TO A HAPPY RELATIONSHIP Karen: Dance together. I ask if it is somehow obligatory for a dancer to marry their partner and Kevin smiles. It’s so intense to dance together and you get swept away. She and Kevin met through Jason, who scouted her for Burn the Floor from the US TV show So You Think You Can Dance. ‘My marriage had ended, I was doing a TV show that I found incredibly difficult both emotionally and physically, and I was on my own in Los Angeles, not knowing what would happen in my life.

Bad things happened around me – there were drugs and gangs on the streets – but my focus was on this one-hour escape every week.

Dance saved me.‘When I was ten I was put forward for a scholarship at the Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance. But the more I danced, the more I knew this incredible gift I’d been given was going to be my life.’Thousands of miles away, Kevin never had any doubt that dance would be his life.

‘He could move, he could interpret, he understood music. The first time we danced I thought: “Wow, this is going to be easy.” But you take a different approach with each celebrity.

With Jeremy and Dave I would have to do a lot of joking around to ease them into a dance. I accept that it wasn’t for him.’Dance was never the plan for Karen.

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