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Percent of people in different countries on who think life is better vs. This article purports to rank all generals and prove that Napoleon was the best.

It’s gotten a lot of coverage, but it seems trivially wrong to me – as far as I can tell, it gives each general credit for their win vs.

Late Christmas shopping idea: gravitational distortion placemats.

Contra Turkheimer and others, a new team finds no tendency for environmental influence on intelligence to be stronger in the poor, not even in the United States.

As such, I can’t endorse it – but it’s a cool way of looking at things and I hope someone tries something similar and does it right – which would probably involve starting with a prior that each general is average and treating each battle as a new piece of Bayesian evidence.

We often hear that the amount parents talk to their baby is vital in explaining their development and life outcomes, so Scientific American profiles a South American tribe where parents practically never talk to their babies.

Interesting take on cultural evolution including a micro-review of new James Scott book.

Some rare good news: the grad student waiver tax will not be in the final tax bill.

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So a general who fought 30 battles and won 50% would be “better” than a general who fought 10 battles and won 100%.

“John the Chinese laundry man was the laughingstock of Weaverville, California.

For months he washed the Anglo miners’ clothes and never charged a penny for his services.

H/T Buck, who writes that “if you think that repealing net neutrality is clearly bad, I’d love to bet you about it.

Betting is a tax on bullshit and I feel like the internet is particularly full of bullshit at the moment; I’d like to do my part to clean it up a little while also hopefully making a little money.

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