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I recently read a profile where a woman was apologising for being submissive and liking to cook and clean (“don’t judge me but …”).

Either you are a terrible parent or you are overselling your level of excitement for life.

Paralyzed from the waist down I use a wheelchair leg braces and crutches. Easy Newcastle Escorts | Elite Escorts in - Newcastle Escort Agency offers clients a wide choice of gorgeous escorts in the area.Drop what you re doing and hit the drive-thru with me.But when 99% of the women say they like “yoga/pilates, wine, travel, laughter, and a real man who know how to treat a lady”, you simply aren’t being a real person. And if you can’t afford taking short trips every now and then (and presumable you are over 20), then you might have more serious financial issues that need to be addressed girls give bad dating advice. A laid-back joke ( Please don t tell me I have something in my teeth. Nothing too fancy just relaxing at a local resort to give me a breath of fresh air.To me – a trip is most fun when it’s a reward for a few months of hard work, and since college, I have not been on a longer trip than 12-14 days.Maybe it’s their fault for misunderstanding the term, but that doesn’t change the bottom line.

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