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Leonard buys a dining room table and it causes Sheldon to reevaluate the changes in his life.Meanwhile, Wolowitz is offered a chance to go back to space and Bernadette struggles with whether or not to encourage him.Meanwhile, Koothrappali becomes Sheldon's new roommate after hearing Leonard and Priya engaging in a "Star Trek" bedroom fantasy. Koothrappali" after his parents set him up on a date.Penny buys Leonard and Sheldon "Star Trek" collectibles as a thank-you, leading Sheldon to be haunted by Mr. Sheldon feels lost after one of his favorite TV shows gets canceled too soon and Amy tries to help him get over his compulsive need for closure." Sometimes Bob confronts Alice with a vague phrase like "I know your secret", and each of them thinks the other is talking about something different until Bob (it's always Bob) comes right out and says what he thinks the secret is. If this manifests out-of-universe, such as a work's author replying to fan speculation with a "sure, let's go with that" and making it canon, see Ascended Fanon. Before you go- * The glove box pops open revealing two golden rings.

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Meanwhile, the girls see if they can act like "grown-ups".With Wolowitz preoccupied, the guys discover they are without a fourth member of their group and in desperation, they ask Penny to join their Halo team.Koothrappali is overwhelmed after his parents arrange a blind date, but he discovers he actually can talk to the opposite sex after a few drinks; however, complications set in when his beautiful date is more interested in Sheldon. Bob knows she's up to something, watches her, and... He confronts Alice with what he thinks he knows, and Alice, to keep him from discovering her real secret, lets Bob think he got it right. May lead to a Maintain the Lie to keep Bob from catching on. (someone apparently caught the character red-handed, but actually noticed some other trivial thing) and Embarrassing Cover Up (the character "admits" some other explanation for the suspicious behavior). They'll help you hold on to the side of the Kepler.

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