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The show also lost it's innocence when Donna (Tori Spelling) lost hers to David (Brian Austin Green).The final blow to the series happened over two seasons.However, when the Soap Opera Channel offered the show in sequence five days a week and my wife encouraged me to watch it with her, I reluctantly agreed.I'm glad I did, because "Beverly Hills 90210" is, in my opinion, the best written and produced continuing drama in TV history. Because "Beverly Hills 90210" survived two radical format changes and remained consistently watchable for its entire 10 year run.Worse, for their first seasons at least, the replacement characters, Vincent Young ("Noah Hunter"), Lindsay Price ("Janet Sosna"), Daniel Cosgrove ("Matt ) and Vanessa Marcel ("Gina") while all fine actors, did not bring the missing ingredients to their characters.While Season 9 was clearly the worst of the season (due mostly to unconvincing plotting), Season 10 was a triumph, starting strong and getting better every week.

The producers are to be commended for keeping the cast remarkable intact, even down to the minor characters.R.), and three actors played Jenna Wade, and all of these characters were more important to the show's plotting than Andrea's grandmother.While all three shows are above average, the "high school teenagers in love" episodes are the best. Eva Fletcher, the newly-elected President of the fictional Georgia A&M University.Upon arriving, Eva is charged with saving the prestigious ...

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