Updating certifier id entry

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After realising that a lot of people are ill-informed about Lotus Notes / Domino and its capabilities, I have established this blog (built on Lotus Notes! It compliments legacy applications in Oracle, SAP and other third party applications.

Please help me redress the balance by sharing your experiences of Lotus Notes and posting all things good about the product - how you use it, how it helps you and how it helps your organisation. IBM Notes is a very powerful development platform for companies.

Should the Domino administrator sign underlying databases with new Server ID? Please help Absolutely, the new server ID must sign the agents.

Unfortunately this can have side effects if the agents aren't expecting it. But it may take some time or dev effort to get you there.

Nobody cares when that happens, they simply blame something else.

If you haven't kept a record of development changes then you won't have this.

Hi, I had the same problem is an old one created date 1994 and will be valid up to 2019, they thought they do need notes just for 25 years at this time, btu we cannot certify new user. [email protected] can try my free apps for IBM (Lotus) Notes/Domino.Unless you're preserving deletions, they are not represented.This is why I normally enable soft deletions for a week or more -- or better yet, build my own deletion scheme.The Domino Administrator wants to reconfigure Server with new server and cert id.There are some databases residing inside the server and one significant domino database.

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